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The Revolution Will Be…Built

by Yahya E. B. Henry   In case you have not noticed by now, I am truly an advocate of infill development. I think my fascination with this particular development was highlighted in this interview by CNN with Richard Florida. In the video he highlights …

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January 18, 2012

Under Construction: Diversity in Commercial Real Estate

by Yahya E. B. Henry “Commercial real estate is perhaps the most compelling investment opportunity in the United States right now, it is a $5 trillion business where one percent is minority.” Quinton Primo III of Capri Capital Partners L.L.C. “  ~ from Black Enterprise …

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Fear Trumps Hope?

  Many consider Americans to be polling as angry, but anger isn’t the emotion driving the national public agenda right now. It’s fear. Anger is just the fiercer face of fear and right now, Americans are afraid of nearly everything. Who could blame them? A …

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March 19, 2010

“Green” Will Never Scale

The pundits all say it. The skeptics believe it, they all say that America can never be a “green” nation. We will never lead the world in sustainability. America will fall behind because she doesn’t care about the environment she only cares about rabid consumerism, …

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January 3, 2010

Reset Button: Views from a Cautious Optimist

by Yahya E. B. Henry “There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Once upon a time in a land far away… The last decade is not that far removed to start a fable but one thing is for certain, …

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October 5, 2009

The ‘Vacancy’ Blight: Finding New Uses for Empty Stores

From art galleries to health clinics, new uses are being considered for unoccupied space. Empty spaces are literally leaving gaps within communities and property owners must rethink who “ideal” tenants are. From Time | The ‘Vacancy’ Blight: Finding New Uses for Empty Stores Last spring, …

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September 25, 2009

Why We Will Save The World

by James Bedell I woke up this morning and went about my normal routine but today was different. I could feel it building inside me. A sense of hope springing forward as I began to think about the generational challenges we are faced with and …

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