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October 15, 2009

It’s Our Time: Blog Action Day

By Yahya E. B. Henry


I don’t think I could have chosen a better time to relaunch The response has been incredible and we’re just getting started. Today is Blog Action Day, the largest social change event on the web  and is apart of the effort. Our mission is to bring awareness to the importance of a collective conversation regarding issues related to the built environment to include climate change. Whether you think the issue is real or important, at this point, is a non-issue; it’s here.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit is just 52 days away and the US has yet to agree on a comprehensive climate bill. Have we not learned our lesson? We can lead the world in consumption but when it comes to making tough decisions, it’s questionable. I’ve traveled the world and have witnessed the devastation climate change is causing in less wealthier countries. I find it encouraging to know that we have the opportunity to shift gears.

My Challenge

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about climate change, educate yourself on the issues and learn how you can CAREget involved. Find an organization to support who advances sustainability and have taken a stand to fight climate change. CARE is one I’ve found to be a strong voice in the effort. I don’t profess to be a climate change expert or even an environmentalist but a global citizen who believes we can do better. Contact your representatives and tell them it’s time. We cannot afford to accept complacency as a position any longer. It’s our time to get this right for future generations. We hope to be apart of the generation that stood up and said no more!


Yahya E. B. Henry

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