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Aribra Development (Uh-ree-bra)  is an experienced consultant, manager and entrepreneurial company that employs cross-functional expertise within the real estate industry using knowledge associated with community and regional planning, urban design and development, property feasibility, governmental policy and communication skills. With these principles in mind, we operate a fully integrated real estate development and consulting practice:

Fee Development

In any capital-intensive project, the majority of the risk for the development lies in the performance of design and construction activities. Utilizing fee development, clients may call upon the resources and experience of a developer while maintaining ownership and control, as well as lowering costs throughout the life of the facility. Aribra’s fee development approach helps each client manage their time and money effectively by providing all services necessary to manage each phase of the development process.

Needs Analysis

We evaluate the client’s needs to determine the size, type of building and location best suited for the project:

  • Location and accessibility requirements
  • Facility square footage
  • Utility service needs
  • Building construction type
  • Specific office needs

Site Acquisition

Aribra assists its clients in locating viable site options for developing their project:

  • Assist the client’s broker in negotiating the land site
  • Assess available utility services
  • Evaluate zoning
  • Analyze environmental conditions
  • Conduct financial feasibility analysis

Site Programming/Design Development

We conduct a feasibility analysis and manage the overall design of the project and its various components including, but not limited to:

  • Locating and negotiating a contract with a prequalified architect
  • Design research
  • Preliminary design
  • Tenant needs analysis
  • Architecture, civil and structural engineering
  • Final design, development of construction documents, and value engineering
  • Interview general contractors for negotiated contract or bid process

Entitlement Processing

Aribra offers significant value to each project by demystifying this complicated process, including:

  • Manage the entitlement process from “design review” through permit issuance
  • Represent the client at any design review, planning commission or city council hearing
  • Manage any required studies such as EIR or traffic impact studies
  • Negotiate all permit and fee expenses

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